Spielzeit: ca. 120 Min. ab 12 Jahren
Spielort: Salzstadel Uhrzeit: 20:00 Uhr Datum: Donnerstag, 23.03.
Spielort: Kinopolis Kino 9 Uhrzeit: 17:30 Uhr Datum: Samstag, 25.03.


Heimat – a big word that is difficult to define. Homeland is more than the relationship between man and space or the place where we are born. Is home the place where we can or have to live? The place we are dreaming of, in our own or foreign country? Home is also culture, faith, history and stories. The concept of home is constantly being discussed, and right-wing populist instrumentalization is currently in vogue globally.

Together with the district of Lower Bavaria, we are presenting international short films that deal with the subject of homeland in a special and extraordinary way.

The jury of the 22nd Landshut Short Film Festival will be present for this special program.

Following the performance, we cordially invite you to an exchange of ideas and a get together.

DaHome – A Heimat Film Program