23. Landshuter Kurzfilmfestival
23rd Landshut Short Film Festival
22. March–––––– 27. March 2023

Animation Award

Jury Award 750 Euro

Sponsored by

Prof. Dr. Johannes Schmidt – Lakumed Kliniken

The Animation Award is given to the best animated film. It’s a jury award. International productions are eligible for the Animation Award. There are 20 entries from seven countries in the competition for the best animated film.


Swallow The Universe

von Nieto

Begründung der Jury

A film like a trip: multilayered and complex, the award-winning film explodes across the screen as a creative storm. Using elements of the Japanese fable world, various stylistic devices such as ink drawings, tattoo motifs and underground mangas, the film builds a visually exuberant tableau that blends provocation, symbolism and mythology into a excitingly offbeat hallucinatory ride. Firmly rooted in the tradition of outsider art, the filmmaker presents a furious tour de force in which humans and the animal kingdom clash for an apocalyptic showdown.