23. Landshuter Kurzfilmfestival
23rd Landshut Short Film Festival
22. March–––––– 27. March 2023

DOC Award

DOC Competition

Jury Award 1.000 Euro

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The DOK Award is given to the best documentary film. It’s a jury prize. International productions from all countries of the world are eligible for the category. There are 20 entries from four countries in the competition for the best documentary film.


Gewinner in der Kategorie DOC Competition ist


von Verena Wagner

Begründung der Jury

The winner was a film that is poetic and rustic at the same time. It tells its story about the many trades that such a film entails: About the strong images made for the big screen, about interesting observations, a masterful montage, the sound design, the music and the sound.
And in the end, this film is award-worthy because it unobtrusively tells of the people, history, society, and craft, while filling the short film time so wonderfully.