23. Landshuter Kurzfilmfestival
24th Landshut Short Film Festival
13. March –––––– 18. March 2024

Dynamo DOC Award

DOC Competition

Jury Award 1.000 Euro

Sponsored by

Dynamo Kurzfilm e.V.

The Dynamo DOK Award is given to the best documentary film. It’s a jury prize. International productions from all countries of the world are eligible for the category.


Gewinner in der Kategorie DOC Competition ist


Begründung der Jury

The camera takes us deep into a place without daylight. Many people in Poland have spent their working lives here for generations. They risk their health and their lives every day so that the people above the earth have energy and warmth. Impressive pictures give us an insight into the work underground, where coal is mined in gigantic mines. But the days of this part of the energy industry are numbered. And with that, the hopes, prospects and opportunities of an entire region threaten to disintegrate.