Birgit Horn
Organisatorische Leiterin des LAKFF

Dear visitors,

It’s short film time again in Landshut, now for the 24th time. This year is my 18th festival as a team member, so my commitment comes of age. I experienced so many beautiful things during this time.

What has always fascinated me is our team: We are colorful, in every respect!

For us, neither age, gender nor origin play a role. We have always only seen what we have in common: the love of the Landshut Short Film Festival.

My heartfelt thanks go to this wonderful team. These people are our biggest time sponsors because they all work for us on a voluntary basis. Thank you, gang!

We also find this passion in our sponsors, who not only make this festival possible with their resources, but also always support us in partnership. Thanks for that!

You will find passion in our program again this year. There are our classics, the competitions, but you will also find something new.

Look out for the Queer Shorts Special at the Salzstadel, it’s great.

Once again, we are also focusing on the topic of Heimat. Not only the popular DaHome competition can be found in the Salzstadel, but also the Lokalrunde with its unique voting system: the applausometer. Please be loud for your favorite film!

Immerse yourself in our program, let yourself go and decide on festival Sunday who will leave the festival as the audience favorite in the D-A-CH competition.

I’m already looking forward to your selection.

One request: if you see us, our team, or our filmmakers, talk to us! We are available not only for questions, but also for discussions and suggestions, that’s what we’re all here for.

Join us in ensuring that we continue to be the “family” film festival in beautiful Landshut.

Colorful greetings