Birgit Horn
Organisatorische Leiterin des LAKFF

Times are changing… and I don’t just mean our festival time, which has changed. If we used to enjoy the first rays of sunshine in March, we now celebrate Easter first and then start the festival. Two years ago such a change of date would have been unthinkable for us, it was  clear to us: March is festival time. Then everything turned out differently and suddenly April became a fixed date as an alternative date. Maybe such a change was needed after the festival break, but we were deeply saddened by the cancellation, after all everything was finished. Then last year with a completely reduced team through the online version, which was a totally new experience for us and which we will simply continue to take with us. Nevertheless, I missed a lot: the meetings, the people, which can be touched, but don’t have to. There was only the moving picture on the laptop, but no video conference could replace the personal. Let’s enjoy these many little new firsts. We have got over 240 first appearances for you on screens, a podium for the first time with an important topic and we have dear old friends with us: “Kurzes über’n Brenner” is coming again and “Dahoam” has also stayed with us. We’ve been home long enough now, so we’re enjoying a stay outside. Thank you for being back, thanks to my team for cutting the time and being back for you today. Thanks to our sponsors, who keep turning “me” into “we”. Thank you and welcome to all our visitors, enjoy the time with us with all your senses, discuss the topic of love with us on Saturday and let yourself be enchanted by the reading of the spoken and written word. Because times are changing, moments pass – memories remain.