24. Landshuter
24th Landshut Short Film Festival
13. March –––––– 18. March 2024

DaHome Award

DaHome Award

Jury Award 2000 Euro

Sponsored by

Bezirk Niederbayern

The DaHome Award is a special award and is presented by our jury to an international short film that deals with the topic of „Heimat“ in an outstanding way.


Gewinner in der Kategorie DaHome Competition ist

Land der Berge

von Olga Kosanović

Begründung der Jury

The longest way round is the shortest way home, Home sweet Home.
Home is where the heart is & sometimes home is where the hurt is, wherever I leave my hat that’s my home, mi Casa tu Casa.
It’s complicated our shifting understanding of what Home means, how we embrace it, run from it, find solace in it,celebrate it and speak to our truth of what it means. We live in a time where people have to fight for it spill blood and die for it while others take it for granted, or simply presume to take it from someone else.
Home life is a bleak existential struggle, and this plays out in this year’s DaHome winner. A father trying to do everything right to give his daughter a secure Heimat, a desperate journey of ever decreasing options left to him in a cruel unsympathetic world, forced upon them by factors out of their control. We are offered glimpses of many different interpretations, that allude, challenge and confronts this fragile place. This Heimat.