23. Landshuter Kurzfilmfestival
23rd Landshut Short Film Festival
22. March–––––– 27. March 2023

DaHome Award

DaHome Award

Jury Award 2000 Euro

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Bezirk Niederbayern

The DaHome Award is a special award and is awarded to an international short film that deals with the subject of homeland in a special and extraordinary way. The six nominated films can be seen in DaHome – Ein Heimatfilmprogramm.


Gewinner in der Kategorie DaHome Competition ist

We Will Be The Greatest

von Jelena Vujovic

Begründung der Jury

A tragic love story, told with honesty and empathy. A sense of Romeo and Juliet during the horrible reality of the Kosovo War in the 90s. A film that shows us, how feelings of nationality are being abused to stir up hatred between neighbors and to legitimise wars. A touching film with a strong lead and a theme that today is as relevant as ever.