23. Landshuter Kurzfilmfestival
24th Landshut Short Film Festival
13. March –––––– 18. March 2024

DaHome Award

DaHome Award

Jury Award 2000 Euro

Sponsored by

Bezirk Niederbayern

The DaHome Award is a special award and is awarded to an international short film that deals with the subject of homeland in a special and extraordinary way. The five nominated films can be seen exclusively in DaHome – Ein Heimatfilmprogramm.


Gewinner in der Kategorie DaHome Competition ist

Die unsichtbare Grenze

von Mark Gerstorfer

Begründung der Jury

Our winning film reflects the complexity of the concept of “home” in a very successful way, without ever being heavy with meaning or having an explanation ready. Incidentally, he always asks what home is and whether there can be a clear answer at all. As in a police report, the narrative is divided into clear time periods to emphasize the authenticity and to always remind us that such stories happen around us every day. The unconventional narrative perspective and the decision to choose a main character with a migration background support the complexity of the subject. The policewoman’s inner conflict between her human emotions and the strict work rules takes us on an emotional roller coaster ride and takes our breath away. The film accuses the current deportation practices and appeals to our deepest inner humanity.