Jury #2


Denis Mujovic

Denis Mujovic is a freelance producer and founder of New Ground Productions in Utrecht, Netherlands. He earned his Bachelor of Business Administration from the Utrecht University of Professional Education with a focus on Marketing Management.

In 2008 he produced his first feature film, “Smoking and other Crimes”, about the July 1st smoking ban in the Netherlands. This film was part of the Dutch film exchange with North Macedonia in December 2008, during the Cinedays Film Festival in the capital Skopje.

He worked as production manager for the LET’S CEE Film Festival in Vienna from 2012-2018 and founded the Dutch Film Days Vienna in 2016. He is also a producer of short films such as Forgive, The Wondrous Strange Adventures of Nasreddin Kürtler, Reflections Full of Life, Kingdom Lost, 1947 (On the Run), Bike Stories Vorarlberg.

He is currently working on the development of feature films, documentaries, and other media projects.

Denis lives between Austria and the Netherlands and is always close to the Balkan Peninsula, be it for work or pleasure.

Saskia Hahn

Saskia Hahn studied film and television in Munich. During her bachelor’s degree, she became self-employed producing commercials for clients such as McDonald’s, LIDL and TNT Comedy. Her latest short films “In Our Country” and “The chapter of Ionela” screened at more than 60 international film festivals and won jury and audience awards. They received state funding and were sold to German television channels. Saskia has spent the last three years abroad. She traveled through Asia, Europe and America writing her two master’s theses. She now works as a freelance producer and marketer in Germany – always on the lookout for the next film project.

Julia Drache

Julia Drache grew up in the colorful mix of nationalities of a railway housing estate in Lindau on Lake Constance. After graduating from high school, she fled from the idyll of a small Bavarian town via Munich and Melbourne to Finland, where she tried unsuccessfully to take part in an Aki Kaurismäki film from 2003 to 2005. From Helsinki she moved further south to Hamburg, followed by 10 years of editorial work, mainly in Fatih Akin’s editing room. In 2014 she began studying screenwriting at the Hamburg Media School. Her graduation film WATU WOTE, which she wrote and edited, not only won the Gold Student Oscar in the Best International Film category in 2017, but also the Audience Award at the Landshut Short Film Festival and was nominated for the Academy Award in the Best International Short Film category in 2018. Since then, Julia has worked as a screenwriter for cinema, television, and streamers.