Michael Orth
Künstlerischer Leiter des LAKFF

Dear short films friends,

Welcome to the 24th edition of the Landshut Short Film Festival.

I am very pleased to invite you again on an extraordinary journey through the exciting and entertaining world of short films.

First, I would like to thank our sponsors, supporters and partners, whose great contribution makes the festival possible. Financing has been challenging this year and I am grateful that we can count on their long-term support even in difficult times.

My special thanks also go to all our staff and volunteers who have put many weeks and months into the preparation of this festival with passion and dedication. Your tireless commitment behind the scenes forms the foundation for the smooth running and success of this cultural event.

The heart of the festival is of course the film program. Over 200 short films are waiting to be discovered by you. The productions are not only technically impressive, but often also critically examine the current state of our world. We have consciously chosen works that are perhaps bulky, have rough edges and stimulate thought and discussion. Of course, there is also plenty of entertainment and a pleasant shudder if desired. I hope you have fun and enjoy choosing your program.

Let’s immerse ourselves in the world of short films together and enjoy the screenings!

From cinema with love