Dr. Florian Herrmann, MdL
Der Leiter der Bayerischen Staatskanzlei
Staatsminister für Bundesangelegenheiten
und Medien

For a quarter of a century, the Landshut Short Film Festival has been one of the competitions that have made a name for themselves internationally. The organizers are showing more than two hundred films, which are competing for twelve awards in eight categories. The program is demanding and exciting, it covers a wide range of topics and techniques.


Bavaria is a media country. This applies to new media as well as to cinema, the modern classic of moving images. From the initial idea through production to the big screen, the Free State supports the film and supports the Landshut Festival. The focus is on artistic work: the HFF teaches the craft, the FFF Bayern helps with production, and short film days and festivals like Landshut provide the stage for ideas from all over the world that have become films.


Many thanks to the proven organizers, good luck to the competitors, lots of fun to the spectators – you are spoiled for choice!