23. Landshuter Kurzfilmfestival
24th Landshut Short Film Festival
13. March –––––– 18. March 2024


Shock Block

Jury Award 1.000 Euro

Sponsored by

Deadline Filmmagazin

The prize for the best genre film will be awarded in the category Shock Blocks. It’s a jury award. The Deadline_Award is announced internationally.


Gewinner in der Kategorie Shock Block ist


von Javier Carneros Lorenzo

Begründung der Jury

The winner film’s title describes very specifically transitions, in a physical, spatial and broader sense. The main prizewinner of this year’s Shock Blocks delighted the jury with his staging quality, his precise image design and his special mixture of horror, fear and love. The narrative material is literally made tangible through real fabrics, linen, sheets and towels. The film skilfully uses a social problem in order to further develop it visually and to penetrate the personal relationship of a couple. A transformation is made visible here that is both creepily exciting and thought-provoking at the same time. If there’s one thing this film says, it’s that you can’t hide, and you shouldn’t look the other way. But even then, according to his universal message of love, we find each other again in the end.
The quarter-hour short film is staged to the point, it grows as you watch it again, slowly but forcefully, like the atmospheric horror that gets by without any blood at all. Here the ability of the creators to confidently deal with motifs and myth becomes visible. At the latest with the poetic final image, everything is framed into a small and yet large overall work of art. In any case, we definitely want to see more from the creators, because they have what it takes to play at the forefront of international genre cinema.