Karaoke Filmfestparty findet am Samstag, 34. März, ab 23 Uhr im Flamingo statt

Time: ca. 180 Min.
Venue: Flamingo Time: 11:00 PM Date: Saturday, 03/16

Karaoke カラオケ

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Our legendary karaoke short film party is on again! The lights are dimmed, the drinks are chilled, and the vocal chords are stretched and ready for their performance. Friends embrace and belt out their anthems, strangers join forces for a spontaneous duet, and the playlist becomes a lively symphony of pure emotion.

All you need are your favourite songs and a dose of courage. Karaoke is a way of life, because it’s not about singing as flawlessly as possible, but rather with true passion. Maybe the unofficial LAKFF choir will again sing the epic “Bohemian Rhapsody” late at night and we’ll rock the house together. We look forward to an evening full of unforgettable voices!