Accreditation is closed

Accreditation for the 22nd Landshut Short Film Festival is closed.
Accredited guests receive their festival passes at the Infocounter in Kinopolis.
If you have any questions, please contact the managing festival director Birgit Horn.

Accreditation deadline is April 20th, 2022

Participating filmmakers have here the opportunity to obtain accreditation for free and receive
up to three festival-passes + three online-passes per accepted film.
All other team members can be accredited for a fee of €30.
The amount must be transferred up to March 22nd, 2022, to the account of Dynamo Short Film.

Also free is the accreditation for the reporting press and members of the Association of Bavarian Film Festival, as well as the German Short Film Association.
For all other industry professionals, a fee of 40, – € will be charged.
The amount has to be transferred up to April 22rd, 2022 to the account of Dynamo Short Film.

Bank Details Dynamo Kurzfilm e.V.
Sparkasse Landshut
IBAN: DE59743500000000014095