Playtime: ca. 120 Min. from 12 years
Venue: Salzstadel Time: 3:00 PM Date: Friday, 03/15

Over 60 Program

Susa is standing on stage, confidently holding the microphone in her hand. It is not the first time she has taken part in the stand-up comedy show. She jokes about her childhood and, above all, about her stoic dad. The audience loves it and some of them may be amused to recognise familiar family dynamics. But one of them looks bewildered. On this THURSDAY, Susa’s father came to her performance. Time for a chat, without an audience.

Mountains of Laundry. On the floor, on the tables, even hanging from the ceiling. Clothing donations that need to be washed ONE LOAD AT A TIME before being repurposed are piling up everywhere in Sophie’s small flat. „Clothes are not just consumer goods, they are an expression of our own identity“: upcycling is undoubtedly a noble pursuit. But what happens when you’re overwhelmed by piles of dirty fabric and your own idealism leaves you no room to live?
In our Over60 afternoon programme, we show five German-language highlights that provide plenty to talk about.