Playtime: ca. 120 Min. from 12 years
Venue: Kinoptikum Time: 5:00 PM Date: Friday, 03/15

DOC Block 2

How do you document memories?

All around us we hear the laughter of families, children playing and the nearby sound of the sea. Beneath us we feel the warm sand. The bright sun shines above us. We close our eyes. Behind our lids, the world turns THE COLOR RED. We don’t shut ourselves off from the outside world, but concentrate all our sensations on this one specific red, the epitome of the perfect moment.

Old family movies with grainy images: footage that every family probably has in their cupboard. DOLLY recounts the scents that are indelibly linked to the people, places and moments shown in the film. The mere mention of pumpernickel and ham or Nivea and lavender opens up the viewer’s very own memories. Other odours rise to our nostrils. Odours that have long since faded away, catapulting us back into our own olfactory family history, as if they had been waiting – half forgotten – just for this moment.

WORDS by F. R. David: This song is the soundtrack of 1982; a hit that got stuck in the ears of the whole of Europe. And yet in this documentary we hear completely contrasting accounts of how this song has shaped people’s individual lives. These are stories of love, of what was thought to be love, and even of finding one’s identity.

Have a look, sniff around and listen carefully. The DOK competition features documentaries for all the senses.

DOC Block 2

Waiting, Not Waiting

A dancing museum guard, resting Ukrainian truck drivers and a woman dying. All waiting in their own way, but dealing with it is full of life.


The Ones Who Stayed

In times of fast fashion, the remaining seamstresses from Austria, Hungary and Slovenia have united in the last clothing factory in the country.


A Living Room

Stories unfold with the intimacy of a diary and the allure of the forbidden - the cinematic question of the past, law and justice. And what remains of it.



Two women who own a "Trinkhalle" in the Ruhr region tell the story of a passion that is linked to the identity of an entire region.